The Seafields Foundation will be a non-profit division of Seafields Solutions Ltd. Any research and subsequent findings completed by the Seafields Foundation will be made public to accelerate the world’s understanding of the potential for algae as a CDR method at scale.

These will likely include but are not limited to:

  • The carbon sequestration potential of sargassum
  • Techniques for baling and sinking sargassum at scale
  • Containing sargassum so it doesn’t escape from our farms
  • Remineralization rates of sargassum at different depths
  • The effects of temperature, sunlight, and nutrient concentrations on sargassum growth

To truly leverage open ocean sargassum (or other algae) carbon dioxide removal, a new industry of aquafarming will be needed, with many players and coordinated international effort. The problem is bigger than Seafields can solve on its own, so we hope any donations made into the Foundation will amplify the efforts of this promising solution.